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If $32,000 is invested now, $42,000 two years from now, and $53,000 five years from now in a savings account that pays interest rate of 7.5% compound annually, what will be the total amount in the account in 10 years?

Reference no: EM131392952

About the monetary policy

Bank of Canada sets monetary policy to try to achieve an annual 2% increase in consumer price index. Is the CPI a good index of your cost of living? Why or why not? is there a

Suppose the government sets an effective price floor

Suppose the government sets an effective price floor (that is, a price above equilibrium) in the market for oranges and agrees to buy all oranges that go unsold at that price.

Countrys political economy

Write a 1- to 2-page paper identifying the various parts of your chosen country’s Political Economy. Explain how this system developed over time and any changes you may forese

Suppose that velocity is constant

Suppose that velocity is constant at 9, but the nominal money supply increases from $1.5 to $1.8 trillion. What must happen to nominal output? Suppose further that real output

Represented by a utility function

Suppose John’s preference between goods A and B is represented by a utility function u(xA, xB) = xAxB, where xA, xB are amounts of A, B consumed. Suppose John has 40 units of

Some declines in money supply and price level

Consider the application of the IS/LM model to the Great Depression. In 2002, Ben Bernanke was speaking for the entire Federal Reserve Bank and admitted to mistakes in the pol

Similar effect on real wages as free trade of goods

Consider again the 2 countries in the previous question. Suppose the U.S. and Mexico do not trade goods at all, but workers can move freely between them. Will free movement of

Explain in detail the problem the country is facing

Explain in detail the problem the country is facing. Government could address the problem with either increasing government spending, cutting taxes, or both. If the government


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