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A company manufactures a product using machine cells. Each cell has a design capacity of 250 units per day and an effective capacity of 230 units per day. At present, actual output averages 200 units per cell, but the manager estimates that productivity improvements soon will increase output to 228 units per day. Annual demand is currently 80,000 units. It is forecasted that within two years, annual demand will triple. How many cells should the company plan to acquire to satisfy predicted demand under these conditions? Assume that no cells currently exist. Assume 241 workdays per year. (Round up your answer to the next whole number.)


Reference no: EM131228488

Health insurance and dental-vision insurance

To complete this assignment please provide a brief summary of the benefits offered at your current employer. Include a discussion of whether you have: health insurance, dental

Different if organization does not have union representation

How does an arbitrator determine that a company had just cause for taking a disciplinary action? What remedy might an arbitrator choose if a company did not have just cause? W

What are the generally accepted signal words for safety

What are the generally accepted signal words for safety warning signs that are not related to hazardous chemicals-for example, labels and signs for hazardous machinery? Ho

Key issues associated with measuring customer service

What are some advantages and disadvantages to checking all orders for completeness and accuracy? Describe some of the key issues associated with measuring customer service.

Important for managers to learn-model high ethical standards

Why is it important for managers to learn and model high ethical standards? List different ways managers can communicate ethical standards to employees. Provide an evaluation

Describe arbitrage strategy to take advantage of mispricing

When storing corn there is spoilage, i.e. the amount of usable corn shrinks over time. Assume that corn spoils continuously at rate of 2% per month. Also, assume that corn sto

What impact has business had on supply chain management

Chain The success of any supply chain depends on the framework of the organization. The framework of an organization identifies strategic challenges that were critical to the

About accounting information systems

All of the following statements are true about Accounting Information Systems (AIS) except: Relevance, timeliness and accuracy are all characteristics of useful information in


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