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You are the manager of a chain restaurant and company leadership has concerns younger diners are not as satisfied with the “dining experience” as older customers. This experience starts when the customer arrives at the restaurant and carries through until they walk out the door. In other words, there are many opportunities for the customer to observe the process, and along the way they formulate opinions that ultimate determine their satisfaction with the experience. If they are satisfied then they are likely to come back in the future. Given that repeat restaurant customers account for at least 33% of revenue, it is imperative customers enjoy the experience and return in the future.

The types of products / services a company provides and the target market it focuses on are strategic decisions, and they impact operations. In many industries, such as restaurants, both the product and how it is made are operational in nature.

You are the regional manager of a large sit down restaurant chain, and your national manager tasks you come with a product and service plan to redesign the menu and “dining experience” to attract more millennials to restaurants in your region. However, the national manager states that you can’t remodel your buildings due to a freeze on capital expenditures. The floor plans of the restaurants have to remain as they are, but you may change the product and service process. Post your plan and defend the approach you take.

Reference no: EM132280639

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