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The Garden City Boxing Club hel exclusive satellite licensing rights for a live broadcast of a boxing atch between Oscar De La Hoya and Fernando Vargas. Luis Dominguez owned Antenas Enterprises, the installer of a satellite account at Mundelein Burrito restaurant. However, Antenas listed Mundelein Burrito as a residence instead of a commercial location. A commercial establishment could show the boxing match only if it was contractually authorized by GCB to do so and if it paid the appropriate fee of $20 times the maximum fire code occupancy of the establishment. Mundelein Burrito showed the event to its patrons. However, because Mundelein Burrito was classified as a residence, it it did not pay the proper fee for a commercial establishment. The Garden City Boxing Club filed suit against Dominguez, the sole proprietor of Antenas, to collect the lost fees from the boxing match. As a sole proprietor, should Dominguez be held personally liable for Antenas Enterprises' actions?

Reference no: EM131124979

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