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Sandy Shores Time Shares

Sandy Shores Time Shares is one of the largest time-sharing and rental brokers for vacation cottages along the North Carolina coast. After 10 successful years of matching up owners and renters, Sandy Shores decided to acquire a computerized reservation and booking system. Tim Burns, the owner of Sandy Shores, read an article about software packages, and he asked you, as an IT consultant, for your advice.


1. Would the new reservation and booking system be a horizontal or a vertical application? Explain your answer.

2. What software development and acquisition strategies should Sandy Shores consider?

3. Conduct an Internet search for online reservation systems, software, and services that Sandy Shores might consider. Describe your findings.

4. As a systems analyst, what would your role be in helping Sandy Shores develop a new system?  Would the acquisition strategy affect your role? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM131212577

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