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1. On March 20 a reporter for the San Francisco Examiner a newspaper predicted that the city of San Francisco would be flooded within the next two months. Clement Baker, relying on the newspaper's report, quit his job and sold his property at a loss so as not to be financially ruined. When the flooding did not occur, Baker sued the reporter in a California state court for damages. The court dismissed the case for failure to state a cause of action under California state law. On appeal, the California Supreme Court upheld the decision of the lower court. Three months after this ruling, the Oregon Supreme Court heard an appeal in which an Oregon state trial court had ruled that a reader could sue a columnist for falsely predicting flooding. Must the Oregon Supreme Court follow the ruling of the California Supreme Court as a matter of stare decisis? Please explain.

2. You will be required to turn in a 3-5 page research paper about a high profile manager (one of the ten CEOs listed below). Please include information about this person’s personal and professional background, management style and skills and research about why this person is (or is not) such an effective manager/leader. You should utilize at least three articles dated from 2008 to present as references.

Reference no: EM132279746

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