Sample run of the program to illustrates the expected outpu

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Write a program that takes contents of a file and list the five most frequently used words in it.Your program should prompt user for a filename and - assuming that afile with specified filename exists - attempt to read the file and process its content. Following is a sample run of the program to illustrates the expected output

.$ javac$

java WordCount

EnterFilename: testFile.txt

Most Frequent Words:

word                                frequency

the                                          15

and                                         10

they                                          7

fence                                        5

went                                          5

Where content of the file testFile.txt is shown below.Through the fence, between the curling flower spaces, I could seethem hitting. They were coming toward where the flag was andI went along the fence. Luster was hunting in the grass by theflower tree. They took the flag out, and they were hitting. Thenthey put the flag back and they went to the table, and he hit andthe other hit. Then they went on, and I went along the fence.Luster came away from the flower tree and we went along thefence and they stopped and we stopped and I looked through thefence while Luster was hunting in the grass.Note that words "They" and "they" are considered as one word. In addition,the program is not sensitive to punctuations and regards the words "fence","fence," and "fence." as three occurrences of the same word

Reference no: EM13901094

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