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Greenston coffee is experiencing financial problems because of competition. Total sales revenue has dropped by 15% and the company wished to establish a sales monitoring process to identify shops that are under-performing. Historically the daily mean sales for a shop has been $11,500 with a variance of 4,000,000. Their monitoring plan will take a random sample of 5 days sales per month and use the sample mean sales to identify shops that are under-performing. Establish the lower limit sales such that only 5% of the shops would have a sample sales mean below this value.

Reference no: EM1395528

What is the average rating for all cbc movies

What is the average rating for all CBC movies? How about ABN movies and BBS movies - Create a line graph of the monthly average ratings for CBC for the year. Note that there

Probability of selecting a household

Test the null hypothesis that the telephone survey technique has a probability of selecting a household with no children that is equal to the value obtained by the census.

What probability of finding particle in ground state system

What is the probability of finding the particle in the ground state of the system? What can be said about the probability of finding the particle in the second excited state

Discuss how the constitution was undermined

Additionally, I should note that this week our nation will be observing Constitution Day. For extra credit: discuss how the Constitution was undermined during this era. Find

What is the expected number of worker hours

If a given company in this industry has 1,000,000 workerhours devoted to production each year, what is the probability that the next fatal injury in this company will not oc

Offshore wind turbine reliability­ based design

The article "On Assessing the Accuracy of Offshore Wind Turbine Reliability­Based Design Loads from the Environmental Contour Method" (Intl. J. of Offshore and Polar Engr.,

Explain chi-square test of independence

Describe the chi-square test of independence. How is this test different from the chi-square goodness-of-fit test? Are the assumptions underlying each of these tests the same?

Compute estimated cohen-s d to measure size of treatment

Is this sample sufficient to conclude that the eye-spots have a significant influence on the birds' behavior? Use a two-tailed test with α= .05. Compute the estimated Cohen'


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