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An initially empty, well insulated, rigid tank with a volume of 2 m^3 is fitted with a mixing device. The tank has two inlets and zero outlets. One inlet is water at 1.07 MPa and 630ºC while the other is saturated liquid water. Both enter the tank slowly. If the amount of work done by the mixing device is 300 kJ, what must the temperature of the saturated liquid water be if the same mass is added through both inlets and the final state is at 300 kPa with a specific volume of 0.5 m^3/kg? Please Show Work, including interpolation steps.

Reference no: EM13713183

Estimate minimum fluidizing velocity for air and for water

For spherical sand particles with Dp = 0.045 inches and the density of each particle is 145 lbm/ft3, estimate the minimum fluidizing velocity for air and for water. Assume a p

Dry air is contained in a tank with fixed volume

Dry air is contained in a tank with fixed volume at 200 degrees Celsius and a pressure of 5 bar. Then the fluid is heated so that its temperature reaches up to 300 degrees Cel

Internal pressure onset of yielding based on tresca criteria

A thin-walled cylinder with open ends is subjected to constant torque of 150,000 lb-in. The cylinder is made of 2024-T3 Aluminium with a yield strength Y=50 ksi. The cylinder

Determine the minimum diameter of the pipe

Gasoline (density = 680 kg/m^3 and kinematic viscosity = 4.29x10^-7 m^2/s) is transported at a rate of 150 L/s for a distance of 2 km. The surface roughness of the piping is 0

Structural steel with a fracture toughness

A structural steel with a fracture toughness of 60 MPa(m^1/2) has no surface crack larger than 3.5 mm in length. By how much (in %) would this largest surface crack have to gr

Find the required dc offset and amplification

A voltage signal ranges between -0.50 V and 1.00 V. The signal is to be sampled by an A/D converter that has an input range of 0 to 5 V. For maximum resolution, the signal is

What is the primary side current in the transformer

A single phase step up transformer is used to transform 240VRMS to 2400VRMS. The transformer is operating at its rated power of 1kW (with purely resistive load), with transfor

Concentration of a metabolite within the bloodstream

The concentration of a metabolite within the bloodstream is 100 parts per million. Assume that 1000 mg of metabolite is to be used as a tracer, it is injected over 5 min and t


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