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Ashley began saving $5000 per year from age 25 to age 30 and then invested the funds fro another 30 years. Teeto began saving at age 35 and saved $5000 each year until retirement at age 65. Which of the following statements is correct assuming they invested their funds at 8%?

A) Ashely and teeth will have the same amount of money accumulated at age 65

b) Ashley will have 29% more accumulated than teeth at age 65

C) Teeto will have 12% less than ashley at age 65

Reference no: EM131041789

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One year ago, you puchased 74 shares of ABC stock for $21.6 per share. During the year, you received a dividend of $2.6 per share. Today, you sold all your shares for $28.7.

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Suppose you form a portfolio that consists of 60 percent Investment ABC and 40 percent Investment RST. Compute the expected return and standard deviation of the portfolio.

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1. Explain how we should go about computing the WACC for a project which uses both retained earnings and a new equity issue? 2. Explain why we multiply the component cost of

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which are believed to be stable over time: rF = .10% + 1.1rM If the market index subsequently rises by 7.3% and Ford's stock price rises by 7%, what is the abnormal change i

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Suppose that a certain college class contains 60 students. Of these,are 37 freshmen, 28 are economics majors, and 10 are neither. A student is selected at random from the cl


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