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Rutter Nursery Company packages its pine bark mulch in 50-pound bags. From a long history, the production department reports that the distribution of the bag weights follows the normal distribution and the standard deviation of this process is 3 pounds per bag. At the end of each day, Jeff Rutter, the production manager, weighs 10 bags and com- putes the mean weight of the sample. Below are the weights of 10 bags from today's production.

Text Box: 45.6	47.7	47.6	46.3	46.2	47.4	49.2	55.8	47.5	48.5

a. Can Mr. Rutter conclude that the mean weight of the bags is less than 50 pounds? Use the .01 significance level.

b. In a brief report, tell why Mr. Rutter can use the distribution as the test statistic.

c. Compute the p-value.

Reference no: EM131137037

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