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Below draw an AD/AS graph and a money market graph side-by-side. For the money market, use an upward sloping money supply curve and assume that the equilibrium interest rate in the money market is 5%. Also, assume that actual GDP is at full employment and that the equilibrium price level in the AD/AS graph is 100. Now shift AD to the right based on an increase in animal spirits. Show how the money market graph will adjust to a new equilibrium. Then explain and show what happens if the Fed acts to keep the equilibrium quantity of money constant. Is this rule based policy pro-cyclical or countercyclical? (explain).

Reference no: EM131169611

Illustrate what is the socially efficient number of portrait

What will be his economic profit. How much consumer surplus is generated each day at this price. Illustrate what is the socially efficient number of portraits.

Prevailing market price of these contracts in spring

Assume that in 2007 the U.S. Government issued a debt security with a purpose of consolidating all of the federal national debt. At the time of the issue, each security was pr

Calculate producer surplus and consumer surplus

Use the following equations for supply and demand to solve for the market equilibrium price and quantity, and produce a graph for the market. P = 1/2Qs + 2 P = −3Qd + 15. Supp

The time required to verify and fill common prescription

The time required to verify and fill a common prescription at a neighborhood pharmacy is normally distributed with a mean of 10 minutes and a standard deviation of 3 minutes.

An input in fixed supply among different products

Firms often face the problem of allocating an input in fixed supply among different products. Find the optimal crude oil allocation for the following example if the profit ass

Illustrate what will be profit-maximizing or loss-minimizing

illustrate what will be profit-maximizing or loss-minimizing output, Elucidate. Illustrate what economic profit or loss will industry realize per unit of output.

How does union use its economic power

How does a union use its economic power? What are the various strategies it tries to use to meet it goals? The answer must be explain the concepts as if your explaining it to

What is the enterprise value and more liquid

Which one is more liquid? Explain. What is the enterprise value for both companies? Luke wants to own enough stock of Amazon to be able to control their decisions. How much mo


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