Role of probation as part of the recruitment process

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Ideal Staffing Officer

‘We have a problem,' said Bob. "We are hiring the wrong people. Where did it all go wrong?'

AutoAccess is the manufacturer of automotive accessories. The accessories they make are generally ‘extras', not safety fittings such as seat belts or air bags, however AutoAccess feels that these extras assist drivers to relax and concentrate on their driving. They have a philosophy of being in business to assist people to travel in comfort and with greater safety. AutoAccess has also adopted a more people focused approach to the way it does business in the last few years. This includes identifying people who will fit into a highly co-operative, mutli-skilled, empowered and flexible workforce.

Over six months ago, after successfully gaining several new contracts, it became obvious that AutoAccess would need to employ 70 more members of staff within six weeks and that they would need to recruit at least another 380 employees over the coming 12 months. The staffing activity at AutoAccess was going to need much more time and attention from HR than it usually received if respective line areas were to meet their targets as a result of the new contracts.

After a delay in hearing of their success in landing a major supply contract, AutoAccess had to act quickly to employ an additional member of HR staff to support supervisors of all areas in ensuring they had the staff they needed to deliver on time. AutoAccess knew they needed a recruitment and selection specialist and, having met Georgia Banks at several HR-related events, Rhonda Thomas, the HR manager, suggested that they contact Georgia and see if she would be interested in the position.

Bob Deakin, the MD, asked Rhonda why she was so quick to recommend Georgia.

‘Bob, she's a staffing specialist. The call centre she has been working at for the last three years grew extremely quickly. With three shifts, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year and as many as 80 people on duty during those shifts you don't need a high turnover rate to be constantly recruiting and selecting staff in that environment. She claims to have no problem attracting more than enough applicants, enabling them to pick the best from a sizable pool.'

‘OK', said Bob, ‘Anyone who can succeed in recruiting that many people has got to be good.'

Within four weeks Georgia had commenced her role at AutoAccess. Using the recruitment techniques and contacts she had used at the call centre, she had soon attracted over 150 applicants and the 70 new members of staff were inducted, trained and ready to start on time. As well, she had not been the least concerned when Rhonda told her that the pressure was on and they would have to put on 25 new people each fortnight for the next 18 weeks, ‘No problems', said Georgia, "I'm used to it. I know how to attract the right people.'

Six months later, though, things aren't going so well. Meeting their contract commitments is proving a real problem for AutoAccess because productivity of the new employees has not been what they expected and they have already lost 15% of the group of 70, the first new employees that Georgia located. Supervisors were also complaining that the employees recruited recently were not settling in well and they were just not performing to the required standard. David, a very experienced supervisor, commented ‘they just don't seem to be the right sort of people for our environment; nice enough people and smart enough too, but they're like fish out of water.'
Bob called Rhonda into his office. ‘What's going wrong, Rhonda? Your star doesn't seem to be getting the results she is famous for."


1. Can you suggest how this situation may have come about?

2. Can the same recruitment sources be used for every industry and for every role? Explain your reasons.

3. What does this situation tell you about matching people to the organisation's culture as well as the job?

4. Provide suggestions on how issues in this situation could be addressed

Please ensure that you address the following factors when answering the three (3) case study questions:
• The role of probation as part of the recruitment process
• The concept of outsourcing
• The role of specialists in the recruiting and selection process
• Recruitment and selection methods, including assessment centres
• Relevant legislation on equal opportunity, industrial relations and anti-discrimination
• The purpose of psychometric and skills testing programs

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The Solution is submitted in MS word document, with more than 1500 words count, this is included with Title page and reference page. Content:- Thus, it is the foremost duty of HR manager to assess and analyse the skills of employees. In the highly competitive business scenario, recruitment process must not be confined till choosing a candidate for a desired profile without knowing his abilities. The profits and losses of a company are directly proportional to the quality of workforce present in the company.

Reference no: EM13323482

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