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1. According to our readings, managing change is definitely a proactive behavior that most managers and experts agree is fundamental for organizational, team and individual success. However, many people in organizations resist change, some nearly to the point of leaving the organization instead of changing with it.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: What are some methods managers can use to overcome the resistance to change, and why this is vital to organizational success? Discuss a time when you were required to change something in your organization, whether a process, procedure, policy, or something else. How did the change come about, and how did you deal with the change? If you were a leader who had to manage a major change in an organization, what steps you would take to make sure that it was done correctly?

2. Innovation management plays an important role in the innovation process. How do you describe the role of leadership in managing innovation? If you were a leader of an organization, what steps would you take to create an effective innovation management system? What types of challenges do you think you would run into when trying to create the management system?

Reference no: EM13771191

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