Role of benefits and rewards in motivating employees

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Q1: Do you agree that the IT companies described in this case study have lessons for every organisation? If so, what are these lessons?

There are two sub-questions in Q1.

First one is  a close question, you need to answer “Yes” or “No”  and discuss your reasons to support. (attention on “every organisation”)

Second one is a open question, you need to search the lessons from the case by reading a few times and research the companies in other resources.  The lessons can be positive or negative depends on your argument.

  • Companies in the CASE
  • Google
  • E-Web Marketing
  • NetApp Australia
  • Juniper Networks
  • Atlassian

Q2: In sectors such a government(also known as a public sector), managers have relatively little room to move in providing the kinds of perks discussed in this case study.  What else can they do to make their workplaces more attractive and motivating?

A statement is given in Q2. (you may disagree with the statement)  The question is given on the condition that the statement is accepted as a fact.  You have an opportunity to apply a few of motivation theories workable to this type of organizations.   You may identify  characteristics of the  organization, develop applications with supporting arguments.

Q3 Can you see any hidden dangers or traps in the happiness that James McGill expresses about his life at Google?

James McGill is a typical employee of Google(?).   Put yourself in his shoes.  Can you see any problems in terms of motivation ?  Ask many questions to yourself to find potential problems.

You may research some known dangers in Google workplace, as Google has been operating since 1998.


Research the topic. Look for journal articles about each of the issues and or the theories you will be evaluating. 

These are available from the Google Scholar and the KOI Library Online databases. 

This means searching the library on-line catalogue and databases for relevant literature (reference books, text books or peer reviewed journal articles). 

A minimum of number references are required in addition to the text book. Students aiming for a credit or higher grade should use more than 6 articles. 

Which Journal?

There are many academic journal articles on most topics and you will need to make judgements on what is relevant to your topic. 

Given the word limit, you will need to use you problem solving skills to determine which papers to include. 

Critical analysis

The better essays will be critical in their analysis. 

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When an employee of a particular organization is motivated and satisfied by the thought that he has the best job in the world he is liable to give his best effort for the organization. This leads to greater success for the company and the owner are rewarded by having dedicated staff and high level of employee loyalty. These perks that are provided in the companies in case study are part of the answer on how to acquire skilled workers in the highly competitive market and retain the talent in the organization by keeping the staff satisfaction level high.

Reference no: EM131189356

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