Role in research project were to perform statistical analyes

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Suppose that your role in a research project were to perform statistical analyses and help explain them for the research report. You realize later that, of the many dozens of analyses run, only those explicitly supporting a costly departmental expansion—and not those that either failed to support it or called it directly into question—were included in the final report put together by other members of the research team to be read by upper management. What might you do, and how would it affect how you carried out future analyses?

Reference no: EM13904829

Compute the correlation coefficient for the data

The president of a company was interested in determining whether there is a correlation between sales made by different sales teams and hours spent on employee training. These

Responsibilities to environment-employees and customers

Analyze a business’s responsibilities to the environment, employees, customers, investors, and the community, and determine which is the most important. Explain your rationale

Calculate average number in queue-average number in system

Sid Das Brick Distributors currently employs 1 worker whose job is to load bricks on outgoing company trucks. An average of 24 trucks per 8 hour shift, arrive at the loading p

Manchester united soccer club

Nicolette Larson was loading the dishwasher with her husband, Kevin, and telling him about the first meeting of the Manchester United Tournament Organizing Committee. Nicolett

Identify opportunities for improvement based on data

Being able to identify opportunities for improvement based on data and other information is a valuable professional skill. Most management and administration positions require

Springfield is zoned for either agricultural

All land within the municipality of Springfield is zoned for either agricultural, residential or commercial use. You have just purchased a parcel of agricultural land for $20,

If you were harrison-what would you do

He is particularly interested in finding out as much as possible about operations. Harrison believes he owes it to his wife and children to fairly evaluate this opportunity.

Scheduling mix-up and inadequate lighting

Write a memo to your employer (real or imaginary) to point out a minor problem at your place of work, such as scheduling mix-up, inadequate lighting, the need or more storage


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