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Article- The Rational Choice of Not Applying Project Risk Management in Information Technology Projects

In a one-page paper (one page only), double spaced, include the following:

1. A journal article (or case study) in an information systems journal (Project Management Journal is acceptable) that addresses information system project risk management.

2. It must be from 2008-2014.

3. Cite the article's information at the beginning using APA style guidelines.

4. Do not use a trade publication or web site. **

5. Summary (use this heading) - Briefly summarize the article in your own words. If you use direct quotes, use them sparingly. (For future reference, direct quotes must be in quotation marks or indented depending on the length.) The summary section should only be a few sentences.

6. Analysis (use this heading) - This should be your response to what you have read. This is not a summary. This is not to be an opinion about the style of writing or whether or not you liked it. The bulk of your grade will come from this part.

Reference no: EM13761691

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