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With the completion of the threat, vulnerability, exposure, and risk analyses conducted by the internal federal C&A team, your chief technology officer (CTO) has asked that the team transition to the evaluation of the technical, management, and operational security controls involving those risk areas identified. The selection and implementation of the technical, management, and operational security controls in the C&A package are required to protect the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the system and any information being exchanged. Your team must provide responses to the following concerns posed by the CTO.

Provide a report with responses to the CTO in a memo format, with responses of at least 1 page per concern:

• Provide a memo header (To, From, Subject, Date).
• Address the following concerns:

o Concern 1: The CTO does not understand the security controls that are needed to provide risk mitigation based on the current use of information and information systems when executing the mission of the organization and business.
o Concern 2: The CTO is confused with the current security control selection and implementation. Will there be a realistic security control implementation plan? Describe that plan.
o Concern 3: The CTO is concerned with the identified assurance levels (e.g., grounds for confidence). Some people in the organization doubt that the implemented security controls will be effective in their application.

• Provide a closure paragraph to the memo regarding the concerns above.

The memo should be a minimum of 3-5 pages in length (excluding the title page), and it should be neatly formatted. Post your document in your individual assignment upload area. Sources should be properly cited in APA style.

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