Rise in the minimum wage

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Use an appropriate diagram, demonstrate and describe briefly how a rise in minimum wage could result in higher employment in a monopolistic labor market. Could a similar rise in employment accompany the rise in the minimum wage if the labor market is not monopolistic? Describe your reasoning.

Reference no: EM1373776

Renegotiate a new employment contract

Every year, management and labor renegotiate a new employment contract by sending their proposals to an arbitrator who chooses the best proposal (effectively giving one side

Explain fully what product differentiation may involve

How does monopolistic competition differ from pure competition in its basic characteristics From pure monopoly? Explain fully what product differentiation may involve. Expla

Explain how each limits power of the money-creation process

The money-creation process we saw in class, and which is described by the money multiplier formula, is a heoretical maximum or "best case" scenario. In reality, there are tw

Tax impact on labour supply curve and short run

Describe (in a sentence or two) the short run profit maximization condition when labour is the only variable input? What will happen to the labour demand if price of the out

Determine the levels of demand that maximizes revenue

Normally the selling price of a product, p, is related to the demand according to the following relationship: p = a - bD. However, a company has found that the price (in dolla

Removal of barriers to foreign direct investment

How would privatization, deregulation and the removal of barriers to foreign direct investment affect the efficiency of business, new business formation, and the rate of eco

Present gdp per capita in each country on one chart

Present GDP per capita in each country on one chart. Compare and comment on the differences between each country and over time. Discuss possible reasons for those differen

Price leadership by the dominant firm

Since under price leadership by the dominant firm, the firms in the industry following the leader behave as perfect competitors or price takers by always producing where the


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