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The Revolution of cell Phone For the last twenty years, people starts using cell phone as a way of making life faster and easier. In the beginning, mobile usage was only available for rich people. Then, cell phone industry starts growing faster than any other industry, so year after year it becomes available for everyone. In the 1983 cell phone usage was only limited to the people who needed it more, which is the Wall Street people. They were in need to have news move faster between them regarding making deals and selling things; however, after several years people starts using these devices on a bigger scale. For those co-operations, it was making more money from selling these devices, that is when many companies showed up, many different brands of cell phones started to show up, and some of the most famous brands of cell phone are Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung. The way of how these devices work is by using microwaves and radio signals that transport sounds. The many benefits that people have from these devices made cell phone one of the basic aspects of life and one of the most important gadgets of people life too more than their health. Excessive cell phone usage causes brain cancer, car accidents, and lack of the socialization. More exposure to cell phones causes brain cancer. In America, cell phones became very popular in 1990s, but then the usage of new technology starts to increase by days. Spending more time using cell phone, raises the risk of brain cancer. Knowing the dangerous of these devices, maybe people will reduce using cell phones. They work by receiving and sending signals from any cell phone tower by radiation waves through electromagnetic influence. These waves are between FM radio waves and microwaves. According to the American health society, cell phones waves work “The waves are strongest at the antenna and lose energy quickly as they travel away from the phone. Phone is typically held against the side of the head when in use. The closer the antenna is to the head, the greater a person's expected exposure to RF energy. The body tissues closest to the phone absorb more energy than tissues farther away.” This effect dependes on the much of using the mobile, and depends on the amount of cell phones use, and the way of using them. Some people use speaker while speaking, but others use phone headset. The last ones is very danerous because of t radiation energy that comes from the phone causes brain caner . According to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission ), the FM radiation are very strong , so it causes brain cancer. Using cell phone while driving can lead to a dangerous car accident. Drivers do texting; sending or receiving massages, which distracting the drivers’ mind, and lead sometimes to a big accident especially on the highway. This not only affects the driver, but the other drivers around him in the street. People started becoming addicted to these devices specifically the smart phones because they can do any kind of connecting at any time. Moreover, most of the time the driver keeps calling while driving, and they even sometimes use one hand for driving. These devices and the terrible use of them increase the risk of huge accidents happening on the street. For example, according to The Lose Angels Times a pickup driver texting while driving suddenly slowed down , so one school bus beside the pickup crashed with another school bus. Then, the result of this sad accident was two people died and 38 others were injured. The National Transportation Safety Board investigation found that the pickup driver received twelve massages in each twelve-minute, and the last one on the last minute before the accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Administration approximates in 2010 that 660,000 drivers or five present of drivers were used cell phone while driving. Furthermore, they also count the people how died from using cell phone were 3,092, and at least 416,000 were got hurt (Hang up! Group). People tend to be carless about their selves and other around them keep looking down using cell phone by texting and calling while driving. They do not know it is worth their life and others lives. In the United States and specifically California prohibited using cell phone while driving, and the driver will pay $ 250 or may be goes up to$2,275 ticket if the police catch him texting or calling. This term of law will decrease the accident and saving more people lives. Addictive to cell phones create new hitch in human being life, which is the lack of socialization. People became ruder because of cell phones because they forget how to talk face to face with others. This is a big problem the reasons’ why because people learn more thing by facing by respecting other, and gives them a means to express their feeling. For example, people starts breaking up with friend used to become easy by send a text massage. Thus, in this situation people do not know how this is an awful way and not easy to play in people feelings, so it will be very easy and they may do it repeatedly. People tend to lose their courage and they are more selfish and cold blood. They start to have the fear of going through a big situation or conversation by ending it with a few words some time while they do something More to the point, lack of social treatment not only between friends, but also between the children specifically teenager age and their parents. For example, if they want to tell their parents something they send a text massage for what they need. They avoid going through a complicated dialogues. That will developed a generation have a difficulty of solving their problem during facing it with others. On the other side, people before concern about others, and visit them to keep the connection and the relation between them. Nowadays, they use cell phone text massage, the-email to ask or cognates others. Another example, in restaurant or coffee shop most people ignore the people with them and continue talking on their cell phones. It is not a respectful way for dealing with people. On the other hand, most people found that cell phones changed the life by make it much easier and faster and it full of enjoyment applications, people started already to depend on their cell phone; however, still these new devise have a harmful effect towered lives. In short, if people count the benefit of these devises comparing with disadvantage, it looks like putting the people lives on the same level. They will found that cell phones, even thought its changed the life style of most of the people it cause them a lot because it is effect on their health especially their brain, it is cause harmful car accidents and it is start to change the people way of living in a lack of socialization between friends and families.

Reference no: EM13144445

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