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Sunil borrowed a sum of Rs. 3 Lakh from Raj. Sunil appointed Raj as his agent to sell his land and authorized him to appropriate the amount of loan out of the sale proceeds. Afterwards, Sunil revoked the agency. Decide whether the revocation of the said agency by Sunil is lawful?

Reference no: EM13961001

Legality of using video systems to monitor employees at work

Explain your personal perspective on whether remote monitoring is likely to cause resentment among employees. Try to support your conclusions with references. Provide in-tex

Customer was having financial troubles

A regional sales manager suspected that one of her customer was having financial troubles. However, she was reluctant to mention it to her superior because she felt that she

Calculate metrics influence behavior of operations team

Decisions about which business metrics to track and how to calculate those metrics influence the behavior of operations teams. One criteria we're interested in tracking is h

Verbal recognition motivating employees

What role does verbal recognition play in motivating employees? How do you make your verbal recognition powerful and how do you maintain it? Support your answer with motivat

Cost-effectiveness analysis

Reflect on Reinhardt's 2009 article, "'Cost-Effectiveness Analysis' and U.S. Health Care." The article describes different approaches to analyzing health care. In 5-7 pages,

Corporate governance and capitalization

Shareholder's Wealth Maximization linked to Corporate Governance and Capitalization. How does this affect and effect our nation - government, businesses, and individuals?

Culture is important in communication

Also, address why culture is important in communication. How does your culture affect your communication with others in the workplace?

Decision-making process for what main purposes

A fundamental pre-requisite for effective management is an adequate Management Information System. MIS is defined as a system to perform which functions? This information is


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