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Revise the following sentences to avoid confusing jargon, slang, clichés, and wordiness.

1. Our manager insists that we must think outside the box in promoting our new kitchen tool.

2. Although we got burned in the last contract, you can be sure we will stand our ground this time.

3. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, our lousy competitor will make another snarky claim that is below the belt.

4. If you refer back to our five-year plan, you will see that there are provisions for preventing blowing the budget.

5. Btw, have you heard the latest buzz about hackers ripping off customer info from best buy?

6. 9 Buried Verbs

Revised the following to recover buried verbs.

A. After making an investigation, the fire department reached the conclusion that the blaze was set intentionally.

B. Our committee made a promise to give consideration to your proposal at its next meeting.

C. When used properly, zero-based budgeting can bring about a reduction in overall costs.

D. Did our department put in an application for increased budget support?

E. The budget committee has not taken action on any projects yet.

F. Homeowners must make a determination of the total value of their furnishings.

Reference no: EM13899761

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