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An accounting firm is trying to understand the capability of its process to review certain types of account audits. They know that on average it takes 10 hours to complete one of these audits, but due to variation, they promise the customer that it will be done in 15 hours. If the standard deviation of this audit process is 2.5 hours (and normality is assumed)

a) What is the capability of this process?

b) What is the percentage of audits that will take longer than 15 hours?

Reference no: EM13116028

Basics related to receipt of the common stock dividend

What is the total basis of the Apple Corporation stock, the per share basis, and gain recognized upon receipt of the common stock dividend?

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Gomez Corp. uses the allowance method to account for uncollectibles. On January 31, it wrote off a $ 800 account of a customer, C. Green. On March 9, it receives a $ 300 payme

Problem regarding the national retail chain

On April 3, Kountry Repair Service accepted the seller's counteroffer of $230,000. On September 15, the land was assessed at a value of $185,000 for property tax purposes. O


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