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Develop policy

Performance objective

In this assessment task, you will need to demonstrate the skills required to review and develop policies.

You will need to consult with the business manager (your assessor) to develop a sustainability policy that is consistent with organisational approaches to sustainability and complies with legislative and regulatory requirements.

Assessment description

You have been hired as the new Environment Officer at Tiny Opera Company. You will need to review the Tiny Opera Company case study including their sustainability policy. Youneed to determine the shortfalls between the sustainability approach and the practices required of Tiny Opera Company and develop the sustainability policy to reflect those requirements.

You will need to presentdraft policy documents to the Business Manager (your assessor) to agree on the final policy document.

Case study - Tiny opera Company


• Review the case study information provided and determine all legislative and regulatory documents that describe compliance requirements for this company.
• Research best practice models used by theatres and performance spaces.
» Develop three options for the direction and focus of the policy and consider the likely effectiveness, timeframe and cost of implementing the option.
» Write summaries of each option to present in your consultation with the Business Manager (your assessor).
• Meet with the Business Manager (your assessor) to discuss:
» the policy options and decide on the preferred option.
» typical barriers to sustainability policy implementation and possible strategies to address barriers
» the process you are taking to develop the policy
» the draft policy and gain approval for your draft.
This session will need to be conducted after you have submitted your draft policy and must be conducted one-to-one outside of scheduled classes. It is estimated that the session should be completed within 20 minutes, however your trainer may allow additional time if required.
• Draft a sustainability policy for Tiny Opera Company based on your research, the company information provided and your consultation session. Ensure that you:
» specify the scope of the policy (who it applies to, relevant standards and legislation)
» outline Tiny Opera Company's commitment to the policy
» address areas of sustainability that Tiny Opera Company specifically wants to focus on.
• Update your draft policy according to agreements that you made in consultation with the Business Manager (your assessor).
• Collate your research into legislation and best practice models and the sustainability policy you have developed into an interim report that includes:
» an outline of the environmental and sustainability legislation that applies to Tiny Opera Company
» an explanation of how you developed a sustainability policy that reflects Tiny Opera Company's commitment to sustainability
» strategies for promoting awareness of the sustainability policy
» strategies for maximising the impact of the policy (training, marketing, stakeholder engagement).
• Submit the report, and the final version of the sustainability policy, to your assessor. Ensure you keep copies for your records.

Assessment Specifications

You must submit this assessment prior to session 3. Your Trainer will provide you with the date for submission as per Assessment Outcome Record

You must provide:
• three policy option summaries (no more than 250 words)
• draft sustainability policy (no more than 500 words)
• an interim report (no more than 500 words) that includes:
• an outline of the environmental and sustainability legislation that applies to Tiny Opera Company
• an explanation of how you developed a sustainability policy that reflects Tiny Opera Company's commitment to sustainability
• strategies for promoting awareness of the sustainability policy
• strategies for maximising the impact of the policy (training, marketing, stakeholder engagement)
• final version of the sustainability policy.

Your assessor will be looking for:
• reading skills to interpret documents to determine legislative requirements
• writing skills to prepare documents appropriate to the context and audience
• oral communication skills to:
• present information and seek advice using questioning and listening skills
• use appropriate conventions when communicating with stakeholders
• numeracy skills related to timeframe and costs of policy options
• work skills to:
• modify policies and procedures
• lead consultation with stakeholders
• plan work activities of yourself and others
• systematically gather information, set goals and evaluate options
• knowledge of applicable environmental or sustainability legislation
• knowledge of sources of information that can be used to plan and develop the organisation's sustainability policy
• knowledge of policy development processes and practices.

Assessment Outcomes
• To complete the requirements of this Task, you must undertake and provide evidence as per Assessment Specification section above.
• the assessment evidence submitted must be authentic, i.e is 100% of your own work and not plagiarized (Refer students to handbook for guidance on how to avoid plagiarism). If plagiarism is suspected, your Trainer/Assessor will use the RTO plagiarism software to authenticate the work. Disciplinary action occurs as a result of plagiarism.
• Where the assessor determines that the work submitted by a student is not their own work, they will report this to the Chief Executive Officer. The CEO will investigate the issue and if plagiarism or cheating is confirmed, the student's work will not be taken into account in determining the student's competence in the relevant unit. Students are able to utilize Dalton College's complaints and appeals procedure if they wish to contest the decision
• If your Assessor does not receive sufficient evidence for this task, you will be provided the opportunity to resubmit.
• If after resubmitting your Assessor still has not received sufficient evidence you will be required to re-enrol for the whole unit of competency.

Attachment:- Assessment-Task-1.rar

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