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Review Porter's Five-Forces model of industry competition. Using your own words (do not copy definitions from the text), explain the model's importance in the concept of strategic grouping within industries. Then, find a company with a "vision or mission statement". Do not use the military please. Pick a commercial company that is not routinely discussed. I prefer that you choose different companies and only one person should choose Walmart. Please review the posts already posted before you post your initial entry so that you all have different companies selected. The earlier in the week you post the easier it will be. Select a company with a vision/mission statement and tell us whether or not you think the statement is constructive and provides employees with motivation and strategic direction? Your post should be at least 250 words without references included.
Writing should be 100% from scratch and no plagiarism please! I would like to use the Company BestBuy for the vision/misson statement portion please! Also needs to be in APA Format and when Citing using author and Page number

Reference no: EM13708321

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