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Pandemics / near-pandemics of the 21st century: Ebola (2014-15);

Mexican / Swine Flu (2009) or SARS (2003). Review news clips from major news outlets (US or international, your choice) reporting on your selected disease, preferably produced when the outbreak was at phase 4-6 of the WHO scale. Referring to the readings, critique (<800 words) the manner in which the media reported on the outbreak and the potential consequences of the reporting style in the various clips. As relevant, discuss how the reporting "got it right" in terms of communication during outbreaks and /or how it "got it wrong". If relevant (and depending on your selected clips), you may also want to compare and contrast the manner in which different news agencies or different countries reported on the outbreak. Please remember to appropriately cite the news clips and your readings in your post.

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Reference no: EM13706127

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