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It is your first day on the job at the Itty Bitty Machine (IBM) company and your new boss wants your advice. The company has invested $10 million in its new computer software. The company has just received an offer from a Latin American company to purchase 100,000 copies of the software at a price of $50 each. While IBM has the capacity to produce the software, it will cost the firm one million dollars to translate the software into Spanish. In the absence of other information, should IBM accept or reject the offer? Please answer this question using the tools of analysis developed in this course.

Reference no: EM1316870

National saving and new equilibrium interest rate

1. A production function can exhibit increasing, constant or decreasing returns to scale. Describe the meaning of this statement using a simple production function Y = F (K,

Difference in wage rates in developed and developing country

Describe why the general level of wages in high in US and other industrially advanced countries. Determine the single most important factor underlying the long run increase in

What is the dividend yield of company stock

If a company paid a dividend of $2.24 and its stock price is currently $54, what is the dividend yield of this company's stock? Give your answer as a percentage and round to

Calculate the expenditures by the insurer

calculate the equilibrium number of visits, and total expenditures. b) Suppose that the consumer purchases an insurance policy that allows her to pay a 25% coinsurance rate.

Would a consol trading at a yield to maturity

What is a consol bond? What is the duration of a consol bond that sells at a yield to maturity of 8 percent? 10percent? 12percent? Would a consol trading at a yield to maturit

Find when the fed decreases the money supply

Treasury and Commerce departments. c. Board of Governors. Federal Open Market Committee. d. House and Senate.Fed buys a T-bill from a commercial bank, how will it pay for the

Compare and contrast the different stages of the business

Compare and contrast the different stages of the business cycle and how inflation and unemployment vary via these different stages. Then discuss the appropriate fiscal and mon

Determine the closed economy or in the small open economy

Holding other factors constant, will the quantity of investment spending increase more in the closed economy or in the small open economy Explain. Assume prices are flexible


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