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For this activity, you will discuss the results of posting a question to your LinkedIn  (Links to an external site.)network or other social media platform of your choice. Your question should be related to customer value in the marketing domain and effectiveness of social media. You might want to post a series of products or services on your Facebook  (Links to an external site.)page to analyze the feedback from your network (through comments or the "like" feature.) If you do not have an account on a Social Media platform, review some of the social media platform options listed in your textbook or on page 11 of the research report entitled Marketers Current and Future Use of Social Media  (Links to an external site.)conducted by Extra Mile Audience Research.

Reference no: EM131037257

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Select a company or industry with which you are familiar, have access to its financial information. Gain faculty approval for your selection before beginning your assignment

Research and describe five leadership theories

Research and describe five leadership theories. (Tip: check out for a list of leadership theories. This website is NOT an academic source so cannot be used

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Class registration web form

A class registration web form requires that students enter their current year. The entry options are numbers from 1 to 4 that represent the following: freshmen=1, sophomores


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