Resting membrane potential

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Discuss one specific factor that contributes to a resting membrane potential.

Discuss one characteristic of a local potential that differs from an action potential.

Dicuss one stage of an action potential and discuss the channels that are involved and the direction of ion movements.

Discuss one of the phases of a refractory period.

Discuss the difference in signal conduction between myelinated fibers and unmyelinated fibers.

Reference no: EM132280009

The most likely defect associated with the ser63 deletion

What is the most likely defect associated with the Ser63 deletion mutant. How would you design an experiment to test your hypothesis using culture cells and the expression con

What is the probability of having a child with o type blood

Leber's optic neuropathy is a genetic disease caused by a mutated gene carried in mitochondrial DNA. What would be the phenotype of their first child if a man with this dise

Difference between minor and mass extinction events

What is the difference between minor and mass extinction events? How many mass extinction events have occurred in Earth's history. What types of environments and/or ecosyste

Comparing the purpose of mitosis with meiosis

The result of mitosis is that daughter cells end up with similar number of chromosomes just as the parent cell.Explain how the results of mitosis differ between two processes

Explain the simultaneous origin of turner syndrome

A woman with Turner syndrome is found to be colorblind (X-linked recessive phenotype). Both her mother and her father have normal vision. a. Explain the simultaneous origin

Briefly describe the methods used by bacteria and fungi

Briefly describe the methods used by bacteria and fungi to tolerate environmental heavy metals. Include references and your views on the potential commercial applications of

Explain this inheritance pattern by defining allele symbols

Some strains of wheat can planted in the fall and survive the winter(winter phenotype), but others must be planted in the spring (spring phenotype). crosses between pure bre

Describe the reason for these symptoms

Roger has arthritis and has been taking prednisone (a glucocorticold) at prescribed levels for two months. He isn't feeling well and complains of repeated colds. He is puffy (


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