Resting membrane potential

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Discuss one specific factor that contributes to a resting membrane potential.

Discuss one characteristic of a local potential that differs from an action potential.

Dicuss one stage of an action potential and discuss the channels that are involved and the direction of ion movements.

Discuss one of the phases of a refractory period.

Discuss the difference in signal conduction between myelinated fibers and unmyelinated fibers.

Reference no: EM132280009

How can material be moved through the lymphatic system

Explain why the lymphatic system is a one-way system and the cardiovascular system is a two way system. How can material be moved through the lymphatic system? how does the

How is a cDNA library generated and How is it different

How can PCR be used to identify if a patient has the H1N1 virus? How is a DNA library generated? Why is this the 1st step in whole genome sequencing? How is a cDNA library gen

Consider intelligent design

Do you consider intelligent design (Christianity) as a science? Why do you believe that individuals have a difficult problem accepting any type of religious explanation to e

Distinguish between a hereditary germline cancer

Difference between a hereditary germline cancer, such as those caused by BRCA1 mutations, and cancers that result from two somatic mutations in the same gene in the same cell.

How many card holders should be sampled

If a pea plant that is heterozygous for round, yellow peas (RrYy) is crossed with a pea plant that is homozygous for round peas but heterozygous for yellow peas (RRYy), how ma

Number of different genes regulated by these proteins

Challenge question: How might having gene regulatory proteins act as hetero-and homo-dimers allow "combinatorial control" which increases the number of different genes regu

Sibling with sickle-cell disease

karen and Steve each have a sibling with sickle-cell disease. Neither Karen nor Steve nor any of their parents have the disease, and none of them have been tested to reveal si

State a formal hypothesis for the experiment

In the experiment, we will establish microcosms to test the effect of illumination on relative abundance of our two ciliate phenotypes. You will use three beakers filled with


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