Resting membrane potential

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Discuss one specific factor that contributes to a resting membrane potential.

Discuss one characteristic of a local potential that differs from an action potential.

Dicuss one stage of an action potential and discuss the channels that are involved and the direction of ion movements.

Discuss one of the phases of a refractory period.

Discuss the difference in signal conduction between myelinated fibers and unmyelinated fibers.

Reference no: EM132280009

What are limitations to resolution in light microscope

what are the major limitations to resolution in a light microscope? and how does usingoil increase resolution? Describe how the myelin sheath is formed in the PNS. How are the

How would removing a producer affect that biome

How would removing a producer affect that biome? What if a consumer is removed? How are the results different? In what situation would an ecosystem be unaffected by the remova

What kind of inhibitor is x

You are observing an enzyme driven reaction. to the reaction mixture you add a chemical X which inhibits the reaction. If you add more substrate, the reaction rate approache

Function of dna in producing the characteristics

Our understanding of genetic inheritance and the function of DNA in producing the characteristics of the individual have been developing for more than 150 years. Consider ou

Deafness and hearing loss

DEAFNESS AND HEARING LOSS-• What distinguishes a child who is deaf from a child who is hard of hearing in terms of the primary sensory mode used for learning and communication

The web of control that connects different genes

On physical assessment, nurse determines that his ankles and feet are very swollen. Which of these symptoms reflect left-sided heart failure and which reflect right-sided hear

What would be the genotype frequency after many generations

In a population of chicken, three color morphs defined by two alleles occur: dark brown with genotype BB, light brown with genotype Bb, and white with genotype bb.

Who you consider to be a leader

Please comment on what Leadership means to you?  Have you known, or known of someone, who you consider to be a leader?  What were they like, and what made you want to follow t


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