Restaurants - how a whole dining experience is presented

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Write an Essay on Topic: Restaurants - how a whole dining experience is presented to the guest

Executive Summary

Everybody loves food and that love of food is the reason why most of the restaurants earn money. Restaurants provide a great food experience to their guests and for that they do a lot research work. This report is about how a whole dining experience is presented to the guest. Starting with the menu which includes what, how, and when to serve. With the help of a three-course menu all the details required for a wonderful dining experience is being discussed in this report. To elaborate the way menu will be presented to guest is discussed and the information it will deliver to the guest is included. The reason of deciding such menu is also the part of the report. after this the dishes are discussed in detail, as to in what order they will go to the customer, what plates and cutlery will be used, etc. Elements like sensory influence, dining experience, atmosphere, and driving philosophy is added to help in making the connection between the theme of the menu and the dining experience. All these factors make a memorable dining experience for the guests.

Your paper must include:- 

  • Menu
  • Introduction
  • Commercial setting of the menu
  • Physical nature
  • Information
  • Reason of Selection
  • Literature Review for the Reason of Selection
  • Design and implementation
  • First Course
  • Second Course
  • Third Course
  • Rationales for dish selection
  • A detailed description of the aims and the commercial setting of/for the menu
  • Conclusion
  • References

Words Limit: 3000-3500 Words

Minimum 10 References Required

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Conclusion All the food lovers prefer going to places where they get tasty food along with a great service. Starting with the menu they move to the various courses of the menu. The dining experience is very important to consider for making a memorable time. The factors explained in the report will help in improving the dining experience with the help of plates, cutlery, lighting, music, etc. Hence, it is concluded that for a perfect dining experience the entire thing associated to it should be considered and well-designed and implemented.

Reference no: EM131384090

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