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Write a script that calculates the tip in a restaurant according to the amount of the bill?- The program should ask about the amount of the bill in dollars- if the bill is less than $10 then the tip is $1.80- if it is between $10 and $60 the tip is %15 of the bill.- Above $60 the tip is 20% of the bill.

Reference no: EM131237630

Write a program that simulates the rolling of two dice

Print the results in a tabular format. Also, determine if the totals are reasonable (i.e., there are six ways to roll a 7, so approximately one-sixth of all the rolls should

Write a program to evaluate the arithmetic statement

By using an accumulator type computer with one address instructions3-By using a general register computer with two address instructions4- by using a stack-organized computer

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Discuss how server virtualization has saved many organizations money by reducing the physical hardware needed. Using Microsoft® Excel® to do your calculations, create a Retur

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Two memory interconnection networks called Omega and Crossbar were compared using simulation. Two different memory address reference patterns called Random and, Matrix were

Problem regarding the infrastructure and security

This assignment consists of one (1) section: an infrastructure document and a revised Gantt chart or project plan. You must submit both sections as separate files for the co

What can be done to avoid project abandonment

What kinds of processes are involved in any software development project? What factors contribute to software development/maintenance project abandonment? What can be done t

Find companies that specialize in computer forensics

What needs clarified? it's plainly stated use google to find 3 companies that specialize in computer forensics of those 3 companies write 2 or 3 paragraphs comparing what

Five pseudo random number generators

Evaluate the five pseudo random number generators (RNGs) supplied with respect to the quality of the generated random sequence. High quality random number generators are fun


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