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A few years ago, National Public Radio brought back the "This I Believe" radio series which originally aired in the 1950s. "This I Believe" task. This task asks you to crisply and compellingly articulate your beliefs about any aspect of the relationship of business to society and the environment. information should address the issues addressed in this course (but not directly discussed in a forum), e.g., Is there a good reason to have a minimum wage? Is CEO compensation justified? How should wage gaps between men and women be addressed? Is affirmative action still necessary? Should the media be responsible for childhood obesity? Should genetically modified food be produced? Is Foreign Corrupt Practices Act obsolete? etc. articulate your beliefs about business and its responsibility to society, justice, ethics and the environment.

Reference no: EM132184410

How the free market fails at allocating efficient quantity

A coal fire plant that produces electricity emits sulfer dioxide, which causes Acid Rain, into the atmosphere. The market equilibrium price of electricity is $6 per kilowatt h

What is the confidence interval estimate of the population

What is the 95% confidence interval estimate of the population mean flying time for the pilots? The mean number of hours of flying time for pilots at United Airlines is 36 hou

What will be the quantity demanded of rice

The price elasticity for rice is estimated to be -0.4 and the income elasticity is 0.8. At a price of $0.40 per pound and a per capita income of $20,000, the demand for rice i

Companies manufacture their products in their home market

This question focuses on Pricing and exchange rates: On January 1, the U.S. dollar: Japanese yen exchange rate is $1 = ¥250. During the year, U.S. inflation is 4% and Japanese

Maximum revenue if charge separate price for skis-bindings

You are the manager of a local sporting goods store and recently purchased a shipment of 60 sets of skis and ski bindings at a total cost of $25,000 (your wholesale supplier w

What will happen to real gdp and to amount of labor employed

What will happen to real GDP and to the amount of labor employed, aggregate consumption, and aggregate savings? Compare these results to those predicted by the equilibrium b

What is the annual effective interest rate

Benny decides to buy living room furniture worth $3000. He plans to finance the furniture for two years. The furniture store tells him that the interest rate is only 1%/mo/mo

Estimate the price elasticity of demand for gasoline.

When the price of gasoline increased from 3 to 4 dollars per gallon, the demand for gasoline decreased from 100,000 gallons to 90,000 daily. Also, the demand for a $50,000 SUV


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