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There are 6 primary characteristics involved in the responsibility of a manager. They include, planning, organizing,leading,staffing, controlling, and communicating. Can you define them and provide some examples?

Reference no: EM132183730

Evaluate expected monetary value

Calculate the net expected value for the project risks and opportunities cited above. How much should you plan for your contingency reserve budget based on the above?

What are fixed and variable cost to the company of producing

What are the fixed and variable costs to the company of producing, marketing, and selling the new good or service, and how do those fit with thecompany's short- and long-ter

Characteristic which make this resource especially relevant

Highlight one or two characteristics which make this resource especially relevant to the study of HRM to achieve the goals of the organization. Synthesize common themes, con

Operations planning and achieving performance measures

The benefits of integrated Supply Chain organizations are well documented. Discuss challenges companies have in executing Sales and Operations Planning and achieving their p

Create and briefly describe a fictional large company

Create and briefly describe a fictional large company of your choice. This is your company and it should preferably be in your current or desired future industry. This compa

Level of the corporation

At which level of the corporation would executives at most likely ask the following questions: "What are our unit's strengths and weaknesses? Are we

Personal satisfaction from serving

Suppose there are 2 people, Ari and Immy. Last Friday night, both Ari and Immy spent 4 hours working in a soup kitchen. But when you ask them, they had very different motive

How frequently should order for rivets

A company uses rivets at a rate of 5,000 kg per year, rivets costing Rs.2 per kg. It costs Rs.20 to place an order and the carrying cost of inventory is 10 % per annum. How


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