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Week 3 response to 4 people  please read the yellow high light ($ 5)

Guided Response -Post replies to at least two peers before the close date of this discussion. In your replies, consider asking questions of peers about their responses to encourage further conversation. Though two replies is the basic expectation, for deeper engagement and learning, you are encouraged to provide responses to any comments or questions others have given to you (including the instructor) before the last day of the discussion; this will further the conversation while also giving you opportunities to demonstrate your content expertise, critical thinking, and real world experiences with this topic.50 words or more for each response

DQ 1

First person is Tanya Chance

"Sure, I have co-taught before. I hated it". Honestly, I have said this before. It was my first year working in the educational environment. I felt like I was getting paid to do nothing but manage behaviors so that the teacher could instruct. If I was out for a day, on the next day the students would tell me how disastrous their previous day had been. The teacher would tell me how out of control the students were and how they had not accomplished anything. Pressure on me, to say the least.

I felt overwhelmed just like the the person in this scenario. This was due to the lead teacher's lack of classroom management, the teacher not knowing the role of the co-teacher, and the teacher not knowing the qualifications of the co-teacher.

The collaborative efforts of the two teachers could have been proceeded differently had a few things been in place prior to the lead teacher being assigned a co-teacher. One of those things that could have been done should have come from the administrative side of things, professional development concerning co-teaching. Another thing that could have been done was having the lead teacher meet at least two potential co-teachers so that they could get to know each other to see if the co-teacher would mesh with the lead teacher. After that meeting takes place, the lead teacher can decide on a co-teacher that he or she feel comfortable sharing the role of instruction. Another thing that could have been addressed prior to the co-teacher assuming his or her role is a set of expectations being discussed, accountability for position being assigned, the co-teacher being informed of rights that he or she has as a co-teacher to participate with the planning of classroom activities, behavior management, and the right to discuss teacher and classroom issues without feeling like he or she will face repercussions for doing so ( Murawski & Spencer, 2011). If some of these things had knowingly, by the lead teacher and co-teacher, been put into action then a lot of the co-teacher's frustration would be limited or abated.

It is important that the co-teacher also remember his or her role and be mindful that collaborating on any project can be challenging. It will take some give and take to make collaborating with lead and co-teacher productive and less stressful. Being a morale booster by being a leader means a lot. Knowing one's role and showing that you can function in that capacity, while having the ability to be flexible, is a good characteristic to showcase. One can be a leader in how well set examples of what we need or want to be done and do them ourselves. 

Second person is Camille Barker

Sure, we all have been in the workplace, where others have shared their past experiences within their chosen field, and at the time it may have seemed that it was their calling; until they were actually able to get their feet wet. In a situation as this one, I think it is important to just simply ask, "What didn't you like about your job?" That will narrow it down, instead of with the given assumption that a person actually hated what they do. Now, on the other hand, you have some who didn't put forth the effort, or didn't do the required job description maybe assuming it would be easy; therefore they hated it!

There is so much  to a statement as this one, and I think it's also important to point out, that whatever caused anyone to "hate" their previous job, and if kids were involved, there should have been more professional development, and mentoring available for that teacher, in case she had any personal problems existing; that coincided with her hatred toward her job.

In conclusion, the teacher still needs to accept that despite the fact she hated her last job, she acquired new skills. Maybe she could find a different avenue in education, which she can use her new skills and present them appropriately.

A teacher will leave with skills such as planning, organisation, presentation abilities, confidence to deliver in groups and to deal with difficult situations. Teachers also leave with an improved mindset. They will have grit, determination and perseverance and can take this into many different industries," he says.

DQ 2

 The first person to response to Anne Quick

Compare and contrast the pros and the cons of collaborative consultation model with the co-teaching model of inclusive education making sure to cite at least two outside sources not included in this week's required or recommended reading. Your goal is to remain unbiased while presenting the facts to your peers.

"Collaboration means providing special education in regular education classrooms" (Logsdon, 2014).  Co-teaching is about two teachers working together in a classroom such as a general education teacher and a special education teacher. "Co-teaching will support academic diversity in the regular classroom and provide all students with access to the county and state curriculum" (Marston, 2015). However, there are some pros and cons to co-teaching in a classroom. Some pros to cons to collaborative consultation with the co-teaching according to Susan Gingras Fitzell (Fitzell, 2013) are as follows:

Some pros are:

v  Creates effective, fun learning

v  Teachers can use their knowledge effectively together

v  Keeps co-teacher involved in class

v  Allows for shared ideas including enrichment and differentiation

v  Breaks up the monotony of one person doing all instruction

v  Creates many spontaneous teachable moments

Some cons are:

v  Co-teachers must click, not conflict

v  Requires supporting and carrying 100 percent of the load by both teachers

v  Both teachers may have to be equally involved in the planning, grading, correcting, and supporting in the classroom

v  Unless they are at the stage where they are finishing each other's sentences, planning may take a long time

In a nutshell, educators need to get along and get to know one another to make the collaborative co-teaching to work. If both teachers are not able to get along or work well together and if there is tension, the students will pick up on it and it will be known. "The special education teacher is an observer who works with children after instruction to provide specially designed instruction, ensure understanding, and to provide adaptations and modifications" (Logsdon, 2014). The special education teacher may also help to teach the class and also to provide guidance to the general education teacher. For the class to run smoothly, the teachers should take the time to get to know one another before they come together to co-teach in a collaborative way to make sure the students will get the best education they both can provide.

Reference no: EM131123878

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