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Reply to this with a 250 word response in regard to Kim Philby and the Cambridge 5.

An important note about this group is that position is not an indicator of trustworthiness. Neither is lack of an authoritative position an indicator of espionage. There are no indicators when dealing in counterintelligence. One person who performs espionage for ideological reasons may not ask for money, while another individual enters espionage strictly for monetary gain.

Robert Jervis states in Chapter 3 of Sims' book that, "if the best spy is someone you would never likely suspect, then your adversary will try to recruit such a person or have her cultivate the appropriate appearance."

Such was the case of Kim Philby and the Cambridge Spies. Highly educated individuals, capable of rising to high status within British establishments, would never be suspected of conducting espionage.

Do you have any further thoughts on this?

Jennifer Sims (Editor). Vaults, Mirrors, and Masks : Rediscovering U.S. Counterintelligence. Washington, D.C., USA: Georgetown University Press, 2005.

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