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"The first half of the nineteenth century saw nursing conditions at their worst. Nursing had become a job for the "undesirables" in society -- the immoral, the alcoholic, and the illiterate. The pay for nursing care was poor and was frequently supplemented in any way possible. There was little organization associated with nursing and certainly no social standing. No one would enter nursing who could possibly earn a living in some other way. Through the work of early nursing figures, nursing gained the respect of the military and the government, ushering the birth of what is now considered modern nursing."(Nursing Timeline)The hospitals were so disgraceful, dirty contaminated with infections. There was no proper ventilation in hospital rooms that's increase risk of dying.

"Florence Nightingale1820 - 1910

Widely recognized as the founding mother of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale's work led to the reform of sanitary conditions in military hospitals, the organization and advancement of nursing education and the development of measures to analyze disease and morality rates using statistical methods. Her observations and writings contributed to the development of an applied theory of communicable disease. Her seminal work, Notes on Nursing: What it is and What it is Not has, for centuries, formally defined the work of nursing as unique and separate from that of medicine and the social sciences."(Nursing Timeline) She provided clean dressings, clean bed, well cooked food, proper sanitation and fresh air to patients and do her rounds with a lamp. "The profession of nursing was strengthened by the development of nursing training and degree programs that would adhere to standards of care and regulations developed by nursing associations and nurse licensure. Fewer than twenty nurses attended the first convention in 1896 of the Nurses Associated Alumnae of the United States and Canada which became in 1911 the American Nurses Association."(Nursing Timeline)Big hospitals start their own nursing schools to produce more qualified and educated nurses to help community. Because in back days there was only lay people who work as nurses without proper education and knowledge. With education nursing profession changed a lot with new ways of thinking and knowledge specific to nursing. Nursing theory is essential to continuing evolution of the discipline of nursing. The use of nursing theory in research is very important. Nurses often use theories from other disciplines instead of their own and this expands the knowledge of another discipline.(Marlaine.S &Marilyn.P 2010)

Reference no: EM132279959

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