Respiratory and gastrointestinal systems

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Topic: Systemic Pathophysiology of the Respiratory and Gastrointestinal Systems

Objective: Discuss a disease, condition or syndrome affecting the cardiovascular system and current research, events, or interesting facts about the disease/condition/syndrome.

1. Describe the disease/condition/syndrome and discuss its etiology, signs/symptoms, pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.

2. Discuss current research, events, or a fun/interesting fact as it pertains to this disease/condition/syndrome.

3. Explain why you chose to discuss this particular disease/condition/syndrome.

Reference no: EM131342158

How many different kappa light chains can this mammal make

You do DNA analysis of a newly found species of mammal and find there to be 7 JK and 65 VK sequences. Assuming that any V sequence can join any J sequence, how many differen

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Now let's make an organism that is two cubes in each direction: two high, two wide and two deep. a. Are there any cubes in this larger cube that still have all six surfaces

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Explain three levels of regulation

Most physiological processes in the body can be regulated at three different levels autoregulation within the organ itself, nervous regulation, and hormonal regulation.

Summarize the inheritance of traits through meiosis

Produce a family tree for at least three generations of your family or a friend's family following these seven genetic traits: Eye color, Hair color, Dominant hand. Summarize

How does an active infection occur in the urinary tract

How does an active infection occur in the urinary tract? Which factors in the urinary tract predispose humans toward urinary tract infections?

Physiological cause of huntington disease

Explain, in detail, the physiological cause of Huntington Disease. Describe its symptoms and the physiological cause for each, and describe all available treatments and the


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