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Resolving Dilemma: Utilitarianism: Actually it is very common to have access to inappropriate websites when a phone connects to internet. So it is better to reveal the truth to the customers that the phone has access to these internet websites. The information is disclosed, so there isn’t a violation of ethics. Since there is no manipulation, the customer will be happy. The Principle of Rights: ¬ Highlight the features of the product. ¬ Warn about access to pornographic sites as ethical statement for the sake of the customers. ¬ Highlight the positive aspects/benefits of internet access. The Principle of Justice: ¬ Communicate the proper information step by step to avoid access to pornographic sites in the user manual. And have a set of instructions in the box that show parents how to set up parental controls. ¬ Prepare an ethical statement which states the company’s social responsibility for the sake of buyers. Virtue Ethics: ¬ It is also part of total quality management and social responsibility of business. ¬ It is the process of educating the buyer about the pornographic sites and persuading the buyer to buy the product and building strong brand reputation for the product ethically. Golden Rule: ¬ Have empathy for the customer. ¬ Enter in to the shoes of a customer and understand their concerns about the product. ¬ Start persuading process to the customer without violating business ethics and company policies. How Alex should handle the situation in a written memo: State/Analyze the Problem: ¬ Possibility of internet connectivity and access to pornographic sites. ¬ Customer problems and their preferences. ¬ Sales ethics during the time of sales. ¬ Effects of violating the ethics in sales activity and hurting company reputation. Identify All Courses of Action that You Could Take: ¬ Making ethical sales statements for the welfare of the buyer legally. ¬ Training for sales consultants to handle conflicts and ethical management. ¬ Setting up a code of conduct. ¬ Competitor product analysis. Meeting Firm’s Economic Responsibilities: ¬ Ethical practices of company can definitely fulfil the economic responsibilities of a firm in sustainable manner. ¬ Clear product description improves customer reliability on the brand. ¬ This would increase the sales volume. Meeting Firm’s Legal Responsibilities: ¬ Preparing an ethical policy for its products and sales activity which is legal. ¬ Train sales consultants on the policy. ¬ Sales staff are very crucial should have the responsibility to protect company business ethics and reputation of company in the market. ¬ Breach of policy rules may create unnecessary issues/problems to the business. ¬ Continuous monitoring of sales activity is very crucial to fulfil legal responsibilities. Ethical Principles and Tests Employed by Top Management: ¬ Setting principles. ¬ Task oriented training for sales consultants. ¬ How to handle certain situational activities on job trainings. ¬ Sales management strategies. ¬ Professional working environment. Code of Conduct: ¬ Close monitoring on sales department. ¬ Separate ethical policy for sales. ¬ Application of policy. ¬ Strict implementation. ¬ Anonymous messages to sales staff to alert them on ethical policy issues. ¬ Internal audit procedures to identify misconduct with respect to ethical behavior of sales consultants. Implementing chosen course of action: Towards building ethical business organization. Sales ethics are the ethics of the whole business which reflects the organizations effectiveness. Fair practices are very important to achieve customer satisfaction. Sales staff should be aware of ethical policy rules to implement the course of action.

Reference no: EM132234345

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