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Assignment: Surface Rendering


1. The source program that renders the above image is given below. Note that all coordinates are hard coded. Feel free to modify the program using rendering routines.

2. Apply a calculated texture to the two walls (greyish colors). You can use the brick pattern discussed.

3. Apply a calculated texture to the floor (yellowish color) that resembles a laminated wooden floor. You can change the brick size, color, and percentage to mimic the effect.

4. Load three textures to the three smaller green rectangles on the walls. You can use any images that you can find. At least one image must be applied using multiple textures.

Important: Respect copyright when you use images from the Web. The safest bet is to use images from the public domain or those with a Creative Commons license. AU students also have access to ArtStor images. Contact AU Library Services for information.


1. All source code.
2. The images that you used.
3. Snapshots of the following:

a. an overall image that captures all objects
b. one close-up that shows the texture of both walls
c. one close-up that shows the texture of the floor
d. three close-ups that show the images on the walls.

Attachment:- Surface_Rendering.pdf

Reference no: EM131143480

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