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Research Topic:  Boxing Judges

1. How does an individual become a boxing judge and the evolution the role throughout boxing history?

2. What are the requirements/qualifications to be a judge for a professional boxing bout?

3. Do judges have to have boxing experience?  If not, why not or should they?

4. Do these requirements vary from state to state? 

5. How are judges sanctioned?

6. Are judges licensed? And by whom?

7. How are judges compensated?   

8. Are there courses or training to prepare an individual to judge a fight? 

9. Are there any differences in the requirements or regulations for judging amateur and professional bouts? Please explain.

10. How are the judges chosen for the bout? 

11. Were there ever instances when judges have been penalized or banned for not judging a bout accurately?

12. Has there ever been a case of bribery involving a judge to influence his/her decision? 

13. What can be recommended to improve the quality of judges and judging for professional boxing bouts?

Please include references and cite your work based on APA standards. Each question needs to be thoroughly analyzed and explained in the answer. Report should be a minimum of 5 pages, single spaced, font: times new roman, 12pt.

Reference no: EM13775039

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