Research the 5 historical international air law events

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As you learn about international aviation history, it is apparent that 5 aviation conventions in particular have made significant contributions to the evolution of airspace sovereignty law. While examining these international air law events, you will gain understanding of how each event contributed to the development of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

In a 300-500 word essay you will research the 5 historical international air law events below. Briefly define how each event influenced the history of international aviation law and developed ICAO into what it is today.

Historical International Air Law Events
•The Paris Convention
•The Havana Convention
•The Warsaw Convention
•The Chicago Conference
•The Bermuda Agreement

Use the set of questions below as a guide when preparing your short essay.
•What codes, laws, regulations, and/or agreements resulted from each conference?
•What year was each conference/agreement established?
•What was the primary purpose for each international air law event.
•How have the historical aviation events influenced the development of ICAO?
•Which event has made the most significant contributions to the development and formation of what ICAO is today?

Reference no: EM131204460

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