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In last week's journal, you honestly reflected on your thoughts regarding abnormal psychology. Through that reflection, you may have recognized that you have some biases or prejudices toward specific groups of people.

Recognizing any possible biases and prejudices is an essential step toward becoming a scholar of psychology. Taking reasonable steps toward resolving those biases and prejudices is a significant opportunity for personal growth and professional development.

This 250- to 500-word journal entry is an opportunity for you to describe ways that you might go about resolving any biases and prejudices within yourself.

Alternatively, you may want to write about how you will respond to bias and prejudice you might encounter in your everyday life.

For instance, what kinds of education or experiences might help you address bias and prejudice within yourself? How might you respond to a person who thinks that people with mental health conditions should be locked away in institutions and never allowed to rejoin society?

What kind of education might you provide to a person who believes that Autism is due to poor parenting? What resources might you draw from to support healthy, accurate, and research-supported views regarding psychopathology?

What available resources might you point people to who need more information on specific issues? If you have any favorite websites or web resources, please add entries for those into the Webliography for this course.

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Reference no: EM13847770

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