Research report - wearable technologies in health care

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Reference no: EM131052933 , Length: word count:2000

Description: This assessment provides us with the opportunity to actually conduct a small-scale literature review, leading to a conclusion about the current state of knowledge on the topic area and possibly further questions that my need to be addressed.

Task: Select ONE of these topics (this list will continuously expand) for your research report: Wearable technologies in health care Factors impacting implementation of technology in acute care/ or any other areas

Technologies likely to drive a transformational change in healthcare delivery Technologies used in Aged care facilities OR, if another area/topic/theme within the Health informatics area that interests you discuss it and agree researching that topic with the Course Convenor before you commence.

To : Prepare a research paper in accordance with the listed/suggested health informatics topics.

2000 words.

20 reference.

Reference no: EM131052933

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