Research Report on the need of digital marketing in Canada
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College Reading & Writing Skills Assignment - Persuasive Proposal

Proposal for Research Report on the need of digital marketing in Canada.

The purpose of this assignment is to convince you regarding my viewpoints for researching about the need of digital marketing in this modern era. Please review my ideas, and if satisfied, permit me to continue my research on my topic of choice for the final research project.

As a student of business marketing, I would like to perceive the challenges and obstacles faced by many of us due to lack of proper marketing strategies and how switching to digital marketing can enhance the existing way of marketing. In light of the above statement and also because of my interest I would like to propose the following research question: How Digital Marketing (a framework, review and research agenda) would help Canadian economy?

The LRC has some beneficial articles from reliable sources such as International Journal of Research in Marketing along with various other comprehensive articles about the topic.

We form a new framework for research in digital marketing that highlight some elements in that marketing process and also in marketing strategies where digital technologies have their impact on it, by using this framework ,we can organise the developments and research about that elements that are compressing the framework .Then, we highlight the issues and also make agenda of new question for further research so, that issues can be examine from the firm's point of view.

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