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Cargills Ceylon PLC is largest retail chain company and it includes 210 retail outlets , 8 manufacturing factories, 3 warehouses and 12 collection centers. More than 8000 employees are working as number one retail business company in Sri Lanka. All the location'sbusiness data highly critical to run the operation and communicated through real time an IPVPN network connection. Lack of internal information  security Cargills critical information data has been abused by internal attacksand highly vulnerable systems.


It has been noted  that the number of internal threads has been increasing over the last several months

Research Question

Why Cargills internal information attacked increased and how to minimize it by countermeasure ?


Identify causes of Cargills employees', ex-employee', partners' and clients'attitudes for the internal negatively impactofthe organization's information security.Research will finally recommend how to reduce internal threadsof information security to run Cargills business operation.

Sample collects by for research

Employees           10

Ex-employee        10

Partners               10

Clients                  10


Allow smooth run in the business by minimizing security issue

Research Proposal

1.) Introduction

2.) Aim(s) , Objectives and Research Question(s)

3.) Literature review

4.) Methodology

5.) Gantt Chart

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