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Analyse and present research information Assessment

Assessment Activity 1 - Case study/ Business Scenario

You will demonstrate how Gather and organise, research and analyse information. It has twelve tasks.

Assessment Activity 2 - report and a presentation

You will be preparing a report and a presentation in this assessment activity.

Assessment Activity one -

Assume you are working as assistant marketing manager for Abacus in a meeting has asked you to undertake a research project about preparation for an advertising campaign for the college. They want you to research about most suitable marketing's strategies for the college. After doing the research you have to prepare a report as well do a presentation in assessment activity two.

Task 1.1 - To prepare the required report, your first step would be to collect and organise information keeping organisational requirements in mind. What information would you collect?

Task 1.2 - Which important legal or organisational requirements, would you keep in mind, while collecting data?

Task 1.3 - What sources could you use to access organisational information to complete your project? Also, make a plan to access those resources. How would you make sure information is accurate and is as accordance with organisational requirements?

Task 1.4 - Which methods would you use to collect the information, while maintaining reliability of information and making efficient use of available organisational resources?

Task 1.5 - While doing research to complete your research project, you need to use online resources as well, published books and other hard copies. Which important points you need to keep in mind, while using different resources?

Task 1.6 - Which technology would you use to access, organise and monitor information, while doing research?

Task 1.7 - Different organisations use different methods to update maintain and store data or information. How would you store and update data at Abacus, while working as assistant marketing manager.

Task 1.8 - What would be your objectives of research, list them. How would you make sure objectives are consistent with organisational strategies, vision, mission and other requirements?

Task 1.9 - One of the most important factors to keep in mind while doing research is to all sources ad research strategies are valid, reliable and make efficient use of resources. How would you ensure that, while doing research?

Task 1.10 - Which important words, phrases and Boolean operators are important to keep in mind, while doing online research? Discuss the importance of using them.

Task 1.11 - How would you analyse the data? Which techniques could you use to test the reliability and validity of data?

Task 1.12 - It is very important to use clear and real assumptions and conclusions and make sure these are consistent with organisational goals and objectives, while analysing data. What points would you keep in mind while doing that?

Assessment Activity Two: Present Information

Now based on what you have done in assessment activity one, prepare a report and a presentation. Make sure your report has following:

  • A title page
  • Executive summary
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction of Australis marketing as your chosen business
  • Research findings about which marketing strategy will best suit Australis.
  • A good conclusion
  • Recommendations to the business
  • References.

Make sure the following points in your report:

1. Use the style guide as asked in portfolio requirements that is organisational style guide, while preparing your report.

2. Make sure your report is clear and is according to the sequences to choose a good marketing strategy.

3. Now draft an email and send that report to your manager (trainer) and other marketing team. Suppose that you have done the presentation about your research project and then you are emailing this. Take a screen short of that email and attach here as an evidence of distribution of your research findings.

4. Collecting feedback from other classmates and your trainer. You could ask for the feedback, while presenting your research project. Feedback could be written or verbal. Write down all the feedback and submit along with this assessment.

After preparing your report, prepare power point slides and present them in class assuming classmates and trainer as marketing team of Australis

The objective of your presentation must be to:

  • Communicate with the audience clearly, understandably and creatively
  • Present your ideas, findings and recommendations credibly to convince the audience and gain support and agreement
  • Satisfactorily answer questions and objections
  • Organise material in an effective and logical sequence and format for the presentation
  • Develop a range of support materials that can be used to present a variety of ideas and concepts for your presentation
  • Adapt to the cultural requirements of the stakeholders as they are from diverse backgrounds with diverse abilities
  • Apply techniques to control the flow of information
  • Get feedback on your ideas

Conditions of Presentation

You must make this presentation professional, delivering the materials with confidence and being knowledgeable and flexible in responding to queries and feedback (see criteria in the checklist provided in the following page).

All resources must be provided to candidates in order to facilitate in delivering their presentation. This may include:

• Internet                    • Speakers                      • White board

• Training Room           • Board markers             • Printing facilities

• Overhead projector   • Computer workstation    • Microsoft PowerPoint (2007-2013)

(You only need to provide a USB with the downloaded presentation (in PowerPoint)).

Your presentation must cover all aspects of your topic in summarised form so that you can clearly communicate this material in a maximum time of twenty (10) minutes, including Question/Answer session.

Prepare a visual PowerPoint presentation. Your assessor will be assessing you on your presentation and responses using the checklist given in the following page (refer to the section Assessor Marking and Feedback Form: Presentation Checklist in the next page).

During your presentation, your audience will give you a final feedback from diverse backgrounds with diverse abilities, including your Trainer/Assessor. This will give you a final opportunity to adjust your slides in response to feedback before the final submission. Your Trainer/Assessor will give you the final deadline to make the necessary adjustments and submit the finalised version.

Print and include any documents you use from an external source and reference any other information for your Trainer/Assessor.

Attachment:- Assignment File.rar

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    Australian student, total 2000 words + 15 slides is fine, Each task (Activity 1, 2 & Slides) must be completed. Discussed the assessment environment and the process covering when the assessment will occur, where the assessment will occur, who will assess the candidate, and the feedback process. Organised the necessary arrangements to meet the assessment conditions essential for the candidate to carry out each assessment task.

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    This assessment tool is designed to gather evidence on your knowledge as well as abilities required to gather, organise, analyse and present workplace information using available systems. This includes identifying research requirements and sources of information, applying information to a set of facts, evaluating the quality of the information, and preparing and producing reports. In addition, it collects evidence on key foundation skills outlined in unit of competency details. Your Trainer/Assessor will go through the unit of competency at the very beginning of this unit explaining each element, performance criteria, foundation skill, performance evidence, and knowledge evidence that you will be assessed on via this assessment tool.

  3. user image

    Submission requirements for each task are clearly outlined under each task to give you guidance. In order to be deemed competent in this unit you must obtain satisfactory outcome in each part of this assessment. You must abide with the rules outlined in the following section “Portfolio Requirements” when submitting your portfolio to your Trainer/Assessor.

  4. user image

    Guide for Preparing and Submitting Assessment – Preparation -Read each task carefully, to make sure you know what is expected of you. Check whether the task has multiple parts, and make sure you answer all parts. Your work must follow a logical structure. Ensure coherence throughout your documentation. Research widely and use a variety of reputable sources. Refer to the Style Guide for Assessment Submission given in the next page to comply with referencing standards.

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    Writing and Submitting the Assessment - Your work must be written in a formal format. Write and save your assessment as a Microsoft Word document to your computer. Give a title to your assessment and use headings and subheadings when appropriate. You must submit your assessment as one portfolio where your work has own cover page having: Course Code, Course Name, Unit Code, Unit Name, Date of Submission, Your Student Number, Your Full Name, Your Trainer’s/Assessor’s full name. Number the pages in the bottom right hand corner. Do not repeat the wording of the question in your assessment. Simply place appropriate headings and then start your answer.

  6. user image

    Make sure you present a professional looking portfolio. Use a document folder to collate all your documents together. Ensure quality print. Print and include any documents you use externally and reference any other information for your assessor. Save a back-up copy of your assessment on a portable storage medium, in case your computer fails or is stolen, and/or keep a printed copy. When submitting your assessment, please submit it as one document – don’t submit the title page, the references and the body separately. If you do this, your assessment will be returned to you for re-formatting. You must abide with the rules outlined in the following section “Portfolio Requirements” when submitting your portfolio to your Trainer/Assessor.

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    Note: your presentation performance will be assessed based on the items listed in the Assessor Marking and Feedback Form: Presentation Checklist provided in the following page. It is a good practice to familiarise yourself with the checklist prior giving your presentation. This will enable you to understand what is expected of you to be deemed satisfactory for your presentation. Also, this will give you an opportunity to fully equip yourself for the presentation. Remember! Your Trainer/Assessor is your best source of help. If you have any special needs, make sure you check with your Trainer/Assessor in advance in order to make the necessary arrangements.

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    Knowledge Evidence - explain organisational systems for recordkeeping/filing, including security procedures, identify organisational policies and procedures and legal and ethical obligations relating to workplace information, explain concepts related to research and analysis including reliability and validity give examples of techniques for data analysis and how they are applied. Explain research processes and strategies to identify new sources (online and print) of information and to use them most efficiently and effectively.

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