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Research Paper: Supervisory Skills

Your research paper is based on the following scenario: ****You have just taken over as the head of Toyota's Quality Control Department. You are a Vice President (VP) and answer directly to the CEO. You have seven directors that answer to you. Each director manages one of the following divisions:

1. Drive Systems (including brakes, axles, and wheels)

2. Electrical Systems

3. Safety Systems

4. Body and Chassis (including suspension)

5. Material (quality of all materials that go into making car / truck)

6. Manufacturing Equipment (all systems that go into making a car, the factory line)

7. Facilities (all the supporting facilities, paperwork, etc)

Each director has a group of inspectors and managers for their divisions.

The previous VP has been let go, for cause. The departments morale is very low and there is a great deal of pressure for each division to perform.

You are to develop a paper to present to the CEO that will outline how you are going to turn around the department (your department - hint - you are NOT in charge of production). You should include / address the following areas: ****

1. Short term (1 year) and long term (2-10 years) goals. Make sure they are SMART(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound)

2. Any reorganization that you plan to do within your department.

3. Any assistance you will need from other departments.

4. Any training you will do with your department, and the company as a whole. (this ties into number three, since you will need to work with other departments)

5. An analysis of what challenges you will face. Think of this as a way of analyzing your potential pitfalls as your group undergoes change.

6. What leadership traits do want your seven directors to have? Pick at least three. Why did you pick these traits? How will you ensure that the directors have or gain the required skills.

Your paper should be 3-5 pages (NOT including reference and title pages).

You should use proper APA sixth edition formatting.

Paper should contain no more than 20% direct citations or quotations. That means 80% should be your own analysis, thoughts, and ideas

Reference no: EM131109245

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