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My research paper should reflect my internship experience in the Human Resources Department of Botsford Hospital, which has merged with Beaumont Hospital. The research paper should consist of recommendations for improvement modification or correction of the specific project/activity. It should focus on a purpose/goal, action plan, implementation plan and evaluation of a project/activity.

A. Practicum Project Assignment

Students must be able to integrate the project management process into the unique role of Health Care Administrator. Projects are laid out in a step process of the assignment so all aspects are utilized.

Identify a problem with the help of your preceptor and seek approval for a project to address the issue. Research all aspects using internal and external resources. The completed project must be presented to a management team or staff. The project must meet the needs of the clinical site where the practicum is conducted. The student will be completing the project at the practicum as if in a leadership role by using principles of project management. Research for the project will include references referable to ongoing observation and contact with people in the chosen area of study. Research will consist of recommendations for improvement modification or correction of the specific project/activity.

Sample projects:

Consulting project such as designing a program from initial stages to implementation.

This project should include a developed plan to evaluate the program's effectiveness.

Examples might be Patient Care Access and Flow through the system, Community Education, Improvement of Customer Satisfaction, starting a private practice.
Customized project such as creating a web page, developing and organizing an employee handbook, developing or updating various administrative policies and procedures, performing a time study, which includes the analysis of the data collected and presentation and recommendations of the findings.
Research project such as an assignment with an infection control team, investigation of quality assurance and risk management areas where proactive functions are being determined to decrease liability, or investigation of grant/foundation functions.
In review, steps to follow are:

Project approval

Internal and external research

Formal proposal approval

Project development


Presentation of the end product

Power point presentation.

While completing the project for the site, a research paper will be written to include a description of the entire finished project and describe key elements researched. This research is to be written to explain each component of the project as it was developed and how to follow the project through to implementation.

Reference no: EM13782588

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