Research paper on children with autism
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Research paper on children with autism

It must include:

1. Introduction: introduce the research proposal topic

2. Problem Statement: identify the very specific problem (without being too broad). Present this is a thesis statement.

3. Rationale for the Research: explain what the study intends to accomplish. Include any rationale, reasoning and a persuasive argument to justify the study.

4. Statement of the Research Objectives: identify the objectives and the purpose for the study.

5. Hypothesis: a hypothesis is really an educated guess. It results when the questions being asked in the paper are turned into statements that explain the relationships within the study.

6. Definition of Terms: define a minimum of five terms used throughout the proposal so that readers can be sure to understand the meaning of the terminology used.

7. Summary: Include a restatement of the problem and a summary of the proposal. (Estimated length - one paragraph)

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