RESEARCH PAPER - Interfaith relations in medieval Spain
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Write ten to twelve page independent research paper on a topic of their choosing related to the course material. 

The research paper is to be completed according to the following guidelines. 

Part I - Submit a research question and annotated bibliography

Part II - Submit a research thesis statement, revised bibliography, and rough outline for your paper

Part III - Submit a rough draft of your paper

Part IV - Submit final research paper


  • Interfaith relations in Israel/Palestine
  • Interfaith relations in medieval Spain
  • The dhimmi covenant: theory vs. practice in a specific setting
  • Muslim views of Jesus and how they impact relations with Christians
  • Jewish experience under Christian and Muslim rule (in medieval Spain or elsewhere)
  • The impact of dialogue on interfaith relations (examine specific settings)
  • The impact of polemics on interfaith relations (examine specific settings)
  • Christian missions in Muslim countries during the colonial era (specific settings)
  • Christian missions in the contemporary Islamic world (specific settings)
  • Muslim-Christian competition for Africa (for example, in Nigeria)
  • Interfaith violence and relations in the Balkans (or another troubled region)
  • Holy war theory: Christianity vs. Islam
  • Impact of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on Muslim/Jewish relations
  • The declining influence and disappearance of Christians in the Arab world
  • Approaches to interfaith peacemaking
  • The role of mysticism in interfaith relations
  • The impact of intra-faith conflict on interfaith relations (specific settings)
  • Early Christian and Jewish responses to the coming of Islam
  • Interfaith relations during the Crusades and other holy wars
  • The impact of political Islam upon contemporary interfaith relations
  • The role of politics in promoting interfaith conflict (specific settings)
  • Cultural influences among different religious communities

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The paper will focus on the research on the cultural influences that are faced by the different religious community all around the world. The paper will focus on the different cultural characteristics and its impact on the various religious community and people. The article also provides the four elements of the religion and culture that helps to understand the entire concept in the most effective way. These elements provide the view regarding the differences and the similarities within the cultures and religions. The article also states the cooperation among the large-scale strangers and the spread of the pro-social religion within the nations. It also describes the traders of different counties and their religious beliefs.

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    Here are the assignment instructions, Part-1 is due within 12 Hours the rest parts will be due on other dates I will tell you when they are due, but part one is the most important now. Please keep me updated. The grade of “A” reflects excellence. The “A” paper offers a well-focused and organized discussion appropriate to the original research question, reflects critical use of relevant materials, presents a clear and persuasive argument, and utilizes effective and formal writing. Research papers must demonstrate outstanding efforts to identify varied pertinent sources, to employ those materials critically in the text of the papers, and to provide error-free citations of those resources.

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    Students of REL 367 are required to write a ten to twelve page independent research paper on a topic of their choosing related to the course material. All paper topics are subject to prior instructor approval. The final paper must draw from at least four books (not including the assigned course texts) and 2-3 articles. This assignment is worth 45% of your total grade for the class. Please see me if you have any questions about the paper assignment, writing, citations, etc.

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    The research paper is to be completed according to the following guidelines. All of these assignments must be submitted in order to receive credit for the final research paper. If you do not satisfactorily complete the research paper assignment, you will be unable to pass the course. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL ASSIGNMENTS RELATED TO THE RESEARCH PROJECT SHOULD BE SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY THROUGH THE COURSE BLACKBOARD SITE (MICROSOFT WORD DOCUMENT) UNLESS SEPARATE ARRANGEMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE WITH THE INSTRUCTOR. Please DO NOT submit research paper assignments as pdf documents, since I need to be able to add my written feedback directly onto the assignment.

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